Master Food Log for Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat Guide

With so many tips and tricks all around us, one can feel very very uncertain about what is good for the body and what is not. The so-called bad foods change like the seasons. Rest assure Athletic Aha! is here to help. These are just guidelines so please feel free to consult with your doctor or dietitian before trying these tips if you have special health issues. 


Try to eat (six times a day, at least three of them containing protein, starch, vegetables, and good fats) says sports nutritionist and Georgia State University professor emeritus Christine Rosenbloom, Ph.D., RD.


Tips to increase your Muscle Gain

Before the Workout load up on your protein and carbs and include healthy fats like avocado, almond butter, peanut butter or olive oil. Now, this is a great time to take your Pre-workout, BCAA, EAA. Also, drink your Electrolytes and EAA preferable or BCAA's during your workout for an intra-workout formula to maximize muscle gain. 


Breakfast Time: Make this the highest calorie meal within your macros and add in your Vitamins/supplements like your greens and multivitamins etc.
Lunch and Dinner Meals: A variety is a must. Choose lean meats and foods with these colors in every meal:  meat, sweet (omit if you can but for those days when you have to have dessert)- a quarter of a palm-size, green, yellow, red or orange.


Let's focus more on sticking to a healthy set schedule of fitness and nutrition to achieve those #GOALS.

Cardio weight training men and woman fitness

2 days of Cardio, 2-3 days of weight training, one day of active stretching or yoga, one day of Active Rest ex going for a walk, playing volleyball, swimming at the beach, cutting the grass at home.


Flexibility is key to a sound well-rounded body. DON'T skip it. You will be amazed with the increase in gains that come along with increasing your flexibility. Here are some nutritional tips learned along the way that can help you achieve a better you without all the fluff and confusion. An easy to follow master food guide that can help you start/sustain your journey. Feel free to deviate. This is just a guide to help you get started this is not intended to treat or cure any health issues and remember MACROS are your friend.
Master Food Guide for Gaining Muscle and Loosing Fat While Eating Well
Try using Lifsum an amazing app that helps you track your macros by scanning in your food choices. It is very easy to use. Another option is to use the free website for free nutritional info  We hope you enjoyed our helpful tips for Active lifestyles. For motivational or tools to help you with your journey check out our many items Use Coupon Code: FIT4LIFE on your next order and feel free to share this with your loved ones. ENJOY!

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