The Best Damn Beach Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ever: Coffee Over Oats

Coffee Over Oats

ATHLETIC AHA! partnered with Misha Beach to bring you this amazing healthy breakfast recipe to jump start guaranteed to make coffee lovers and oatmeal lovers drool. Start your morning off right with this wholesome good eats.

 The Best Damn Beach Breakfast Ever: Coffee Overnight Oats 🥣

✅1/2 cup rolled oats
✅1-2 tbs cold brew concentrate (or to taste)
✅1/2 cup milk of choice
✅1 tsp vanilla extract
✅1-2 tbs but butter of choice
✅Maple syrup or honey to taste
✅Chia seeds (anywhere from 1 tsp-1 tbs)
✅Dash of salt (optional)

❤️Top with nuts and/or granola for a crunchy addition!


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