Tips To Gain Muscle and Lose Healthy Weight


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Gaining Muscles

The goal is to choose foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories so each bite is loaded with good nutrition.

Start with nutritious foods and then wherever you can enrich the foods with additional ingredients like yogurt, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats

Eat three appropriate proportion meals and two snacks for a total of 6 Times A day to Boost Metabolism

Try to eat six times a day, at least three of them containing protein, starch, vegetable[s], and good fats," says sports nutritionist and Georgia State University professor emeritus Christine Rosenbloom, Ph.D., RD.

Breakfast Time: load up on your protein and carbs before the workout

Lunch and Dinner meals: variety is a must. Choose lean meats and foods with these colors meat, sweet- a quarter of a palm-size, green, yellow, red or orange.

Serving Sizes

Easy meat palm size for gaining muscle 2 palm sizes, vegetables and fruit 2 big palm fulls, sweets a quarter to a half of a palm-size, butter or shortenings or spreads no more than one teaspoon. Starches should be one cup.

For maximal results try eating every 2 hours at these times: Morning, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack, Bed

Example of a sample meal

Turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with avocado and tomatoes and a fruit smoothie.

Snack: meal replacement shake, fruit, yogurt/parfait, salad, power bar, cheese and crackers with topping. Or you can always have half of your meat or sandwich for a snack paired with some fruit.

Try to eat whole grains and brown rice as much as possible. Although Jasmine rice is awesome too! Eat often and choose wisely, and you can expect to gain an average of half a pound of muscle to 1 pound of muscle per week.

Gaining Lean Muscle

Also take in protein 15-35 grams daily is a safe start. If your serious 1g for every pound of muscle is a good goal to progress too. Use a macro calculator app like the one listed below this paragraph to assist you. Eat protein-rich snacks such as a high-protein energy bar, low-fat chocolate milk, or a protein shake immediately after weight training to give muscles the necessary post-workout fuel.

*Snack on high-calorie, high-protein foods and beverages, such as a protein shake with two scoops of whey (soy may cause problems in access) protein before bedtime.

Lifesum app- It is an amazing choice & user-friendly

Download the free Lifsum app for setting your macros and for easy barcode scanning of foods to track your food diary. Another option is to visit for a specific meal plan.
Check out weight management tab click on eat the right amount of calories then under get started eating right click on the blue hyperlink daily food plan.
Check out the superfood tracker tab. Type in your weight and other parameters for detailed food and protein intake daily to gain your desired weight.
Check out 10 nutritional educational tips tab. This will educate you quickly on how to be and eat healthily.


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